The Final Trailer for Logan is Imminent!


With Logan releasing in March it’s not surprising we’re due for another trailer, and we’ll have one on the way very shortly.

Fox has launched a 1974 Frames of Logan promotion where they’ll be sending out 1974 postcards containing one frame from the final trailer to Logan. Fans flooded the site so quickly it crashed, but if those postcards are going to start to go out it means that the trailer is imminent. We should see it within the next couple of weeks, although it hasn’t quite yet been classified so there’s no word on a runtime yet.

The R-rated Logan will be the last time Hugh Jackman plays Wolverine, and they’re going out with a bang by loosely basing the movie on Old Man Logan with some other X-Men storyline elements (such as the Mutant decimation/second coming storylines). It’s a very grim and serious movie, which is why the filmmakers were so quick to shoot down the Deadpool appearance rumors earlier this week.

Logan hits theaters this March, and all signs are pointing to it being an amazing send off for Jackman in the role.