Star Wars Prequel Hate Erupts as Latest Prequel Passes $500 Million



Over the weekend, the latest Star Wars Prequel passed $500 million world wide as Rogue One: A Star Wars Story continued to dominate the box office. In light of a Star Wars Prequel being successful, people desperate for attention decided it was time to bash the Prequels like it was 1999 all over again.

One thing that sparked this latest bout of Prequel bashing online was a Tweet from the editor of the Atlantic:


First off Disney doesn’t really have much say in what Lucasfilm does with their IP. Just like Pixar and Marvel have control over their stuff, so does Lucasfilm. It’s like people are being ignorant of the existence of Lucasfilm and just invoke the big “DISNEY” name to give their crazy theories some kind of faux-credentials. Anyone with even a fraction of a brain knows that Lucasfilm is never going to retcon or remake the Prequels. Saying otherwise is screaming into a hurricane of facts while spewing psychotic conspiracy theories.

The other side of this recent bout of 1999-esque Prequel bashing is how Rogue One (and Episode VIII) are referencing the Prequels. There are two Prequel actors in Rogue One reprising their roles, and the movie showcases two of the major planets from Revenge of the Sith: Coruscant and Mustafar.

Even bigger than that, those who are knocking the Prequels and thinking that Lucasfilm doesn’t recognize them (they do) are going to have a very hard time next Christmas. Just as Rogue One references the Prequels, there are some very strong rumors that we’ll be seeing a key actor from that trilogy reprising his role in Episode VIII in one small scene.

There have been heavy hints that we’ll see a Force Ghost of Yoda on Ahch-To, and he’ll even be a puppet this time, and there are very strong rumors that Anakin will appear as a Force Ghost. And those rumors say it won’t be a CGI recreation of Sebastian Shaw appearing in Force Ghost form, but rather the version as it is established by George Lucas in the canonical version of Return of the Jedi:


I’d really like to see that happen, if only to see all these people try to backpedal to then claim that Episode VIII isn’t canon based on the Star Wars they have invented in their heads.