Legends of the Hidden Temple – The Movie


While the Nickelodeon TV movie about the beloved 90s game show, Legends of the Hidden Temple, aired about a month ago, I was finally able to watch it this weekend. As a kid I was a huge fan and dreamed of braving the temple guards and completing the obstacle course. (I even have a Blue Barracudas t-shirt.) But I set my expectations low for this revival film, where the game show would be made into a movie where the temple was real. Boy was I pleasantly surprised.

In the movie, three kids and their parents are vacationing in Mexico at a place called the Legends of the Hidden Temple. It resembles a resort, where the parents can go relax at a spa as the kids listen to a walking tour of the rumored “legend.” And who is the tour guide you might ask? None other than the original host-Kirk Fogg! When the tour is a bust, he alludes to the real mystery inside the temple walls to the kid who believes in the legend the most, but he stresses that no one has ever made it back out.

While the hour and twenty minute movie wasn’t amazing, it was still entertaining. I particularly enjoyed noticing all the similarities from the original game show and how they weaved them into the plot. Olmec looked exactly the same and he told a story just like he did on the show. This time it was about the mystery of the temple and how retrieving both halves of the pedant would bring his people back to life. There were the steps of knowledge, one of the main characters wore a green monkeys t-shirt (and at the end the classic yellow helmet and knee pads), temple guards, and the dreaded sliver monkey statue. As soon as I saw it my mind went back to watching contestants struggle to put the three pieces together when it always looked so simple. Playing off that notion the film made the kids take forever to put it together. They also incorporated the original teams by putting in an actual green monkey, red jaguar, etc. They were even awarded a trip to space camp at the end.

Overall, The Legends of the Hidden Temple movie was fun to watch. It brought me back to my childhood and made me wish they still played reruns of the old show. Nicely done Nickelodeon.