Shows I gave up on in 2016


I’m a TV buff. There’s a good amount of shows that I watch over a span of genres: sitcoms, dramas, superheroes, etc. I often continue to watch a show even if I am not longing for the next episode, but these three fell off my list this year.

1. Once Upon a Time: I watched the first two episodes, I think. I can’t even remember where I left off, but it wasn’t holding my attention anymore. The world of unfinished stories, evil Regina, Emma’s shaking hand, Belle’s love hate relationship with Rumple…again, it just wasn’t interesting anymore. In season one, Once Upon a Time was a really new and inventive show taking fairy-tale characters we know and love and making them interact with each other in our world, where there are no happy endings. The plus was having the show on ABC, a corporation of Disney, so they could copy the fairy-tale straight from Disney itself. While the first season was probably the strongest, the seasons involving Neverland and Frozen were also very good. Could the sixth season be the shows last?

2. Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Marvel’s Agents of Shield began four years ago with the resurrection of Phil Coulson assembling a team of agents to find new threats in a world that knows superheroes exist. Since then it has experienced the fall of Shield, a fake Shield, the introduction of inhumans (I almost called them metahumans-oops!) and this year Ghost Rider. As with Once Upon a Time, I think I only watched two or three episodes. I missed seeing the original team and Phil as the head of Shield. I also don’t think it helps that the DC shows on the CW are doing so well that it’s hard to compare with Agents of Shield.

3. Elementary: Elementary starring Jonny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu tells the story of a modern day Sherlock Holmes and Joan Watson set in present day New York City. I enjoyed the first few seasons of this show and how they introduced the iconic Holmes characters such as Irene Alder and Moriarity. Miller and Liu are well paired to take on the roles of Holmes and Watson, but with the introduction of Kitty in the third season I started to gather more episodes on my DVR. I found when I was watching it I would zone out or nod off for a few minutes. I also don’t think it helped that it was constantly changing nights it was on (first Thursday and then Sunday). Someone mentioned this show to me the other day and I was embarrassed to say I forgot it was still on.

Of course this just might be the case for me, but I am curious to see how many of these shows get picked up for another season.