The Original Voice of Wedge Antilles is in Rogue One



Star Wars fans well versed in the lore of A New Hope’s production know that Wedge was actually played by three people in the movie. While fans know Denis Lawson as the face of the character in most of the saga, the first time we see Wedge during the Rebel briefing he was played by Colin Higgins and David Ankrum actually voiced Wedge throughout A New Hope.

Now an article in the San Francisco Chronicle confirms that Matt Wood brought back David Ankrum to voice Wedge in Rogue One, and the original actor confirms he can be heard in the movie:

So thrilled to be a part of Rogue One! 40 years after doing the voice of Wedge Antilles.#RogueOne #StarWars @matthewwood

— David Ankrum (@DavidAnkrum1) December 15, 2016


In addition to Wedge, the original Gold Leader Angus MacInnes returned to provide new dialog. Most likely the line about the “shield” he says after the original “attack run” line from A New Hope that was re-used in the movie. The original Red Leader, Drewe Henley, also appeared through archival footage. He passed away this past February.