Official Images of Chopper & The Ghost in Rogue One


The Rebels references in Rogue One have been known for a while, but this morning there are official high-resolution images of both Chopper and The Ghost in the movie.

Entertainment Weekly posted their own gallery pointing out the Rebels references in the movie, and as part of it comes three official images from the film showing off the visible Rebels cameos.

The Chopper one is at the top of this page, and then there’s the Ghost parked at the Yavin IV base early in the movie:


And of course the now-famous shot from the TV spot where The Ghost is in the Scarif space battle:

There’s a lot more of The Ghost in the Scarif battle than that. In the four times I’ve seen the movie so far I’ve spotted it in numerous shots. There’s even one where you see Admiral Raddus talking to the other Mon Cals while The Ghost flies right past the window in the background.

For more on the Rebels references in Rogue One with information directly from the Rebels team, be sure to check out Entertainment Weekly’s piece.