Why So Much Rogue One Negativity Online?



After Rogue One came away with $155 million during its opening weekend the tone of a lot of stories from big film blogs and trade sites has turned pretty negative. Sure there was a lot of doom and gloom prior to release, just look at the hysteria over the normal filmmaking process of reshoots, but there’s a deeper issue around sites bashing Star Wars…and it won’t be going away anytime soon.

The simple truth not many people will admit to is that many critics and snobby bloggers feel that they’re “above” Star Wars. They shared a silent celebration in 2005 when Lucas ended his Prequel trilogy as they believed they’d never have to write about Star Wars movies ever again. But then Disney swooped in and bought Lucasfilm in 2012 and their worst nightmare came true.

There would be Star Wars movies every year for the rest of their lives.

So now they are torn. They want the traffic that Star Wars brings to their publications, so they have to cover it, while they grit their teeth over writing about what are basically kids movies. But there’s only so much some people can take, and eventually the truth will slip through in their writing and that’s exactly what you’re starting to see with the recent deluge of negative Rogue One click bait.

And this is just going to get worse. After Rogue One’s success this past weekend Disney knows the standalone concept can work and bring in a lot of money so you’re probably going to hear what the 2020 movie is pretty soon. There will continue to be a Star Wars movie every single year, and these bloggers who hate having to write about the franchise are just going to get more and more bitter.

They thought they could destroy Rogue One with doom and gloom over reshoots earlier this year. They failed so now they’re trying to destroy it with negative articles complaining about the lack of an opening crawl. That will fail too.

Star Wars is forever. Some people just need to learn to accept that and deal with it. If they can’t, maybe they need to find a new line of work.