Star Wars Fans Need to Start Paying More Attention to Rebels


If there is something Rogue One proved this past weekend, a lot of Star Wars fans have been unwise to brush off even filler episodes of Star Wars Rebels.

The finale of Season One and an episode of Season Two put it right in front of fans that the Sith Lord (Vader) was connected to Mustafar. We learned that’s where Jedi go to die in Season One, and then later in Season Two Ahsoka said she was monitoring transmissions from the planet to learn more about the Sith Lord.

But the Mustafar/Vader references are just one element of Rebels that many Star Wars fans missed. In “A Princess of Lothal”, the episode where Leia showed up, the Rebels stole Hammerhead corvettes. Those ships played a very big part in the finale of Rogue One.

A lot of fans have dismissed such episodes as “filler”, and I’m guilty of that myself. While I never stopped watching Rebels, I do know of some fans who have outright quit the show thinking it’s all filler. Rogue One has shown fans that such thinking isn’t wise as you’ll be missing out on a whole lot of world building that will play out on the big screen.

Things people think are useless filler episodes that don’t affect the story of Rebels are missing that the show is just one small part of the bigger Star Wars universe. Little things that may not feel important at first in an animated series may just play off in a big way in the next Star Wars movies.

I know I’ll be watching and paying a lot more attention to Rebels after what Rogue One demonstrated. You should too.