Lucasfilm Confirms No Episode VIII Trailer Until Spring


Episode VIII

Prior to the release of Rogue One there were all sorts of bogus “scoops” claiming an Episode VIII trailer would appear with the movie. If you paid any attention to how Lucasfilm marketed Rogue One those stories made no sense as the studio had a policy in place for this new Star Wars movie where they would allow The Force Awakens to exhaust its marketing plan and release on home video before we saw anything from Rogue One.

While most people who were sensible expected Lucasfilm to follow the same plan with Episode VIII, that didn’t stop many irresponsible sites from trying to overhype people with the expectation of an Episode VIII teaser this weekend. Now Kathleen Kennedy herself confirmed to BBC News that they are going to let Rogue One breathe for a while and won’t show any Episode VIII footage until the Spring:


This is confirmation of what many people expected. At Star Wars Celebration in London this past summer, Lucasfilm said that the Celebration in Orlando would be Episode VIII’s big “coming out party”. Celebration kicks off April 13th next year. With Rogue One expected out on Blu-Ray the first week of April, the 13th makes a lot of sense to be the day that we’ll get our first good look at the next Episode in the Star Wars Saga.