Rogue One Features Two Major Prequel Planets (Spoilers)



Those still trying to believe that Lucasfilm will be ignoring the Prequels are going to have a pretty rough time watching Rogue One this weekend. Two very big planets that featured in the Prequels make cameo appearances in short scenes in Rogue One.

The first is Coruscant. The central system of the Republic, and now the Empire, features in a very short flashback scene to Jyn’s childhood. It’s an era that’s detailed more in the Catalyst novel, and it’s inclusion in the movie is a very short scene and it’s hard to notice it’s even Coruscant without looking at the skyline in the background.

The second is the molten planet of Mustafar where Darth Vader was reborn. While some people assume that the planet is Sullust from the Battlefront game, it’s been confirmed to be Mustafar both by Twitter and the fact that it’s in the art book as Mustafar. The planet makes a very brief appearance early in the movie in one of Darth Vader’s scenes.

In addition to these planets, there’s also Bail Organa and several Rebels Easter Eggs. With this stuff sprinkled through the movie, Rogue One really feels like an Episode 3.5 and a bridge movie between the Prequels and Original Trilogy.