Lucasfilm Confirms the Prequels Will Influence Future Star Wars Projects


Defending the Star Wars Prequels

For a time there were people out there pushing a bogus theory that Disney had some kind of crazy “Prequel ban” in place for Star Wars projects. Despite things like Rebels directly using stuff from the Prequels and characters from the trilogy showing up in Rogue One; this is a bogus theory that some people won’t let go of.

The NY Daily News interviewed Kathleen Kennedy about Rogue One, and asked her about the Prequels and their place in the future of Star Wars:

“We certainly look at the prequels and there are a lot of ideas inherent in the prequels that will probably — undoubtedly — find their way into future ‘Star Wars’ movies,” she notes.

“So yeah, it’s all part of the mythology.”

Obviously if the much-rumored Obi-Wan spinoff ever becomes a reality that will draw directly from the Prequels, and Rebels continues to reference that era. So people can their bogus “Disney hates the Prequels” theory and shove it.