Teen Wolf 6×05 Sneak Peeks



While it feels like this week’s episode of Teen Wolf just aired, MTV has already released two sneak peeks for the upcoming episode (December 13th). While it felt like not much happened in episode four, it looks like we are in for some drama and action next week in episode five. Beginning with the return of Stiles!

“Stiles is Back!” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jpzHp9qyb4w

Yes!! We finally get to see Stiles!! It’s so good to hear his voice again. It’s only been three episodes without him, but it has felt like a different show without him. In other exciting news, Peter is back too. It’s always good to see him, even though he might not have the best intentions. Apparently Peter has been gone for three months and no one has noticed his disappearance. It makes sense why no one remembers him, because of the Wild Hunt, but it’s odd that he doesn’t remember being taken. It’ll be interesting to hear how that happened. Of course Peter knows about the Wild Hunt because he knows about everything. He tells Stiles that the Ghost Riders “don’t make pit stops in train stations.” So they aren’t even safe here. (As shown in the episode five promo where Peter and Stiles are hiding from the Ghost Riders.) I’m also interested to learn more about why they are being kept in this train station. We’ve seen some people get brutally taken by the Ghost Riders, from being strangled to being dragged by a horse. Are those people there with them? I particularly enjoyed the humor in this clip when the creepy, old lady smiled to Peter and he looked confused. Even in the darkest places we still get a laugh. Two important things we learned from this 1:25 clip: 1. There’s no escaping the Wild Hunt, despite being in a train station, because there are no train stations in Beacon Hills. 2. Lydia has been hearing a train. So she’s one step closer to finding them.

“Stiles’ Jeep” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lvx1wkEL-og

During episode four Scott’s pack is looking for a relic Stiles left behind to prove he exists. When they don’t find one Scott and Malia start losing hope, but Lydia remains hopeful. (Stydia fans cheer.) At the end of the episode Liam, Hayden, Corey and Mason (or the young pack) walk past Stiles’ jeep in the parking lot. While they might think they just walked past an ordinary car, we know that is not the case. In the above clip Lydia asks Sheriff Stilinski about the jeep. Mrs. Stilinski becomes even more suspicious when she says the jeep was stolen over eighteen years ago and she hasn’t seen it since. She even tells Lydia she should talk to her mom. It looks like she’s clearly trying to make her stop investigating the issue.

Holland Roden did a fantastic job in this scene trying to contain her emotions. When Lydia is asked if she’s alright, she quickly says no immediately followed by yes. She holds back tears, until she goes into the hallway. You can really tell how Lydia’s heartbroken about not getting answers about Stiles and just wants him back, even though she still doesn’t completely know who he is. She truly loves him. I was hoping she would rip that wallpaper, or even punch a hole in the wall, when she went back to the wall, which is definitely Stiles’ room. Instead she breaks down as she leans back on the wall and then we see Stiles lean back on the opposite side of the wall! While Stiles might not physically be on the other side of the wall, it shows viewers how close Lydia is. I was hoping she would have a moment where she felt something. And who knows maybe Stiles’ old room is some sort of inter-dimension portal for the train station. Teen Wolf has done some stranger things. We’ll just have to wait and see till Tuesday.

Teen Wolf airs Tuesdays at 9 on MTV.