Gareth Edwards Hints Jedha Will Be Seen Again



We know from the Rogue One promotional material that Jedha takes the brunt of a Death Star test in the film, but we’ll likely see the planet again.

In an interview with IGN, Gareth Edwards believes that the planet is being used elsewhere in some other Star Wars thing Lucasfilm is working on:

“I think it’s going to be included somewhere, some how, in some kind of thing. Is that as vague as I can be?”

There are a couple of possibilities. Obviously comics or novels will probably feature Jedha in some way, but this sounds like he’s hinting at Jedha in either Rebels (as it’s set before Rogue One) or Visceral’s upcoming Star Wars title.

The concept art and early footage of Visceral’s game does look like a desert planet:


I do believe there is some other concept art for the game that shows twin suns, which would mean it’s Tatooine. But it’s always possible that Jedha could be another location in the game.