Rogue One Behind-the-Scenes Video Confirms an Old Rumor (SPOILERS)


Lucasfilm has released a new behind-the-scene video detailing the creatures of Rogue One, and something in the background confirms an old rumor about the movie.

Remember the scene in the first trailer with the hooded figure bowing before what looks like a Bacta Tank? Back in May, MakingStarWars reported:

“One source is certain that the blue tank we see in the teaser has Darth Vader inside it. This person has a lot of material associated with the production. They believe a sequence was filmed in which Darth Vader gets his limbs interchanged and repaired in the movie. If accurate, it would explain some in-universe discrepancies around Darth Vader’s abilities in the 1977 film compared to the rest of the stories we’ve seen from Vader’s appearances in Star Wars Rebels to the work Bob Anderson did to make Vader a swordsmen. Originally David Prowse (who played Vader in the 1977 film) lied about being able to sword fight, leaving George Lucas with a Darth Vader that couldn’t really do much with a lightsaber. So the limb loss and subsequent new limbs he supposedly suffers in Rogue One makes me ponder if that’s why Darth Vader is so tight when fighting Obi-Wan Kenobi a short time later. Was he not used to the new limbs? Does he lose them because of Jyn and her band of rebels or is that the reason Jyn and her rebels are able to succeed?”

Eagle-eyed fans quickly noticed something in the background of the creature video Lucasfilm released, and a user on Reddit highlighted it:

That definitely looks like Darth Vader’s torso out of the suit, with the injuries matching those from Revenge of the Sith. Unless the scene was cut from the film (we haven’t seen the Bacta scene in any recent footage), it’s possible we’ll be seeing Vader needing some kind of medical treatment in Rogue One.

This is the video that the image came from: