Legends of Tomorrow: The Final Night of the DC Crossover Event



Legends of Tomorrow ended the four-night crossover strong this Thursday. It concluded the Dominators plot line as well as several other storylines that have been occurring between the shows. In a way it didn’t feel like a Legends episode because everyone had been on each other’s shows.

Spoilers Ahead!

In this episode Nate, Mick and Amaya were joined by Felicity and Cisco aboard the Waverider to kidnap one of the Dominators. Felicity and Cisco lived out their inner-nerd dreams by traveling in time and even saved the others from being held captive. Go IT department! I also enjoyed seeing Felicity experience the affects of time travel.

Traveling back to the 50s helped us understand why the Dominators wanted to exterminate Earth. They saw metahumans as a threat. While Cisco showed having powers can be a good thing, they made a very good point that those powers in the wrong hands could be extremely dangerous. Going back in time let Cisco see how easy it is to tamper with time even when you don’t mean to. He was in Barry’s shoes and could finally forgive his friend. Thank goodness!

Speaking of Barry, naturally flashpoint was the reason for all their problems yet again. The government agent told them how the United States had an agreement with the Dominators since the 50s and then Barry altering the timeline broke it. If Barry handed himself over, the Earth would be saved. Of course his super friends said they wouldn’t allow that to happen and they would stand with Barry (in one of their epic team stances of the night-there were several). Professor Stein’s daughter helped stopped the Dominators by designing a weapon against them and Professor Stein learned how great it was to have a daughter. I wonder how the rest of the team will feel once they find out he made an aberration.

At the beginning of this episode Oliver was still very critical of Kara. He didn’t want her helping them on their mission at all. But after she saved his life, by flying to his rescue, she got a head nod of approval, which is big stuff coming from Oliver Queen. Their group hug with Barry was adorable back at the airplane hangar. Kara really fit in well with the heroes from Earth 1. She threatened a government agent for them and even Heatwave grew to like her, shown by him saying, “Hey skirt. Call me.” My favorite moment was when Ray Palmer told Felicity she looked a lot like his cousin. The two stared at each other for a moment letting the inside joke settle in. Meanwhile I shouted in delight at the screen for the Superman reference. (Brandon Routh played Superman in Superman Returns.) This crossover had a lot of really good breaking the 4th wall references. It was also really great how they gave Kara a way to contact or come back to this Earth from hers. Thank you Cisco! Now it makes sense how the Flash and Supergirl will have that singing crossover episode later this year.

Overall the four-night crossover event was fantastic. I loved having a continuous storyline four nights in a row and seeing my favorite heroes interact with one another. It was a dream come true. I can’t wait for more to come!

Legends of Tomorrow: A

Breaking News!!

We have not seen the end of the Dominators. It was just released that they will be visiting Kara’s Earth later this season. People are already speculating this may be a different group compared to those that were just defeated. According to the comics, the Dominators came to Earth joined by members of other planets, one being Daxam. This could be the reason why Mon-El found his way to Earth. Should be interesting….
Supergirl returns in January.

The Flash, Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow air their mid-season finales beginning Tuesday @ 8.