Spider-Man Homecoming Footage Screened at Brazil\’s CCXP


Brazil’s Comic Con is going on right now and Sony just held a panel showing off footage from their upcoming movies, including Spider-Man.

Following peeks at Passengers, Trainspotting 2, and the new Smurfs movie; the first footage from Spider-Man: Homecoming was shown. It was a very short clip initially from Peter’s POV while talking to Happy Hogan. He’s given a new box from Tony Stark with an upgrade, and then we definitely get to see what that is. The next shot is Spider-Man jumping off a building and extending his arms to reveal the classic underarm webbing from the comics!

There were apparently a few other short and fast clips of footage included in the reel, but the Hogan part with the Stark upgrade and the reveal of the webbing was the big part of the presentation.

Spidey’s underarm webbing has been a staple of his costume from the very beginning, but this will mark the first time it’s been featured in one of the live action films.