The Ick Factor in Teen Wolf 6×03


Teen Wolf is known for providing gory scenes, especially in its past few seasons, but its most recent episode “Sundowning,” which aired this past Tuesday, felt unnecessarily gory.

People have been predicting Mr. Edwards, the new Science teacher, to be the Nazi werewolf that the Dread Doctors kept in the tank last season. That prediction was confirmed in the 3rd episode this Tuesday. However, how we found out he’s the Nazi werewolf was not at all pleasant. While performing a science experience with electricity, he starts coughing uncontrollably and has flashbacks to breaking out of the tank he was in. Man, was it disgusting. He kept pulling off skin until he became the teacher we see today and there was a lot. The scene went on for far too long and was very uncomfortable to watch.

Another gory moment involved Melissa putting her hand into a brain at the morgue. He was a recent victim of the Nazi werewolf. She found out he removed a piece of the brain that holds our soul. She should really become a Doctor with her vast knowledge and experience. She deserves it after six seasons.

The last moment came when Mr. Douglas killed the janitor and ate the seed of his soul. It was rough to watch and he had a lot, like too much, blood on his face. Now I can deal with some gross moments, but this was too much.
I hope next episode doesn’t feel as disturbing. I’m interested with learning about the Nazi werewolf and I know they are preparing us for the second half of the season, but right now I’m more concerned with the Ghost Riders and finding Stiles. We are definitely getting closer to Scott, Lydia and Malia remembering him. Now they know his name and Lydia keeps hearing a train, which I’m betting is where the forgotten are being held. One important thing we did learn, it looks like Dementia patients aren’t affected by the Ghost Riders, ie: Elias Stiliniski. He knew that his son’s wife was dead and that he had a grandson. Could he hold the key to remembering the forgotten? I can’t wait to keep watching!

Teen Wolf airs Tuesdays at 9 on MTV.