The Flash: Part 2 of the 4-part DC Crossover



The Flash continued the epic DC crossover with its episode Tuesday night entitled “Invasion,” where we saw superheroes from the Flash, Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl team up. Boy, do I wish I could have been in that airplane hangar.

**Spoilers Ahead**

The episode kicked off with Barry and Oliver being attacked by none other than Supergirl, Diggle, Speedy, and the Legends. Confusion set in and I thought I had missed the beginning of the episode, until the words 10 hours earlier appeared.

After a “meteor” falls to Earth, carrying a spaceship with what Barry describes as World War Z aliens, he takes it upon himself to assemble a team. He starts with Star City, saving Oliver and Diggle from the mysterious “Vigilante” (who we’re already familiar with from Arrow). As Barry speeds them into Felicity’s apartment we’re reminded how Diggle does not handle motion sickness well. He immediately goes outside to get some fresh air. This wasn’t his only funny moment of the episode. After Heatwave asks what makes Supergirl so super and she flies and burns an S in the ground, Diggle states, “I’m convinced.” Before that he looks up at the Waverider and says I never did drugs because I never wanted to see crazy things. He stole the show for me.

Just like in Supergirl’s episode several issues came to light, such as the mysterious message from future Barry, that was first discovered on Legends. We now learned that the future, forty years from now to be exact, is screwed up because of Flashpoint. (When isn’t that the reason for the problems on this show?) Unfortunately the rest of the mega team found out about Flashpoint affecting their lives and benched Barry from being team leader. When Oliver said he’d stay behind in an effort to make them change their minds, Supergirl was put in as leader. (I was personally happy to see Kara be just as powerful on this Earth. Even if the CGI wasn’t the greatest.)

We also found out who the mysterious woman was in Professor Stein’s new memories. It’s his daughter! While he looked relieved at the news, both his daughter and Caitlin looked concerned when he referred to Clarissa. My guess is she’s dead. I hope not…

I enjoyed seeing Wally West want to join the action and even owning up to his name Kid Flash. It should be interesting how H.R. thinks he can train him. He was super lucky to be carried by Oliver as Oliver fought against the brain washed heroes. Is it just me or does Oliver look older against everyone he encounters? Barry always looks like a baby face around him, which makes Wally an infant?

The episode ended with the members of Team Arrow getting abducted by the Dominators. It should make for a good 100th episode! I love how we don’t have to wait a week for the next crossover episode. Why can’t it be like this every week?
My grade for the Flash: A.