Dear Film Critic Snobs: Star Wars Doesn\’t Revolve Around You



With two weeks to go until Rogue One, we’re now starting to see entitled film critics claiming there’s “something wrong” with the movie because Lucasfilm isn’t treating them like special snowflakes.

This latest overreaction comes from Variety learning that Rogue One won’t screen in time for the film critic awards, which obviously must mean the movie is a disaster. Except they’re forgetting that The Force Awakens also didn’t screen in time for the critics awards and it went on to make over $2 billion:


These critics need to realize that Star Wars doesn’t revolve around their little world. Neither of the new Star Wars movies screened in time for their little award, and that’s unlikely to change in the future. So we’re just going to have to get used to crybabies throwing fits and declaring a movie a bomb just because they don’t get to see it before everyone else.

And for the record, Lucasfilm is doing early screenings of Rogue One. This over-reaction by Variety is because it won’t screen for a critics award group.