Doctor Wu Will Likely Return in the Jurassic World Sequel (DUH)



A lot of sites are acting shocked that BD Wong’s character will return in the Jurassic World sequel, and it’s probably because they never even watched Jurassic World.

The whole plot with Doctor Wu was perhaps one of the biggest and most blatant sequel set-ups in the history of motion pictures. It pretty much slapped you in the face with a copy of the sequel’s Blu-Ray when they set up what Doctor Wu would be doing in it. So people acting surprised that he’s coming back are either being ignorant or just making sensationalist stories for their sites.

A more interesting thing to speculate about is what that means for the sequel. Prior to Jurassic World there was development on a Jurassic Park 4 that featured human-dinosaur hybrids. The stuff in Wu’s hidden lab definitely hinted that story thread could still be alive in some way. Could we see those hybrid creations in the Jurassic World sequel with Doctor Wu as their mad scientist creator?