Supergirl: Part 1 of the 4 part DC Crossover Week Begins!


Supergirl kicked off the mega four part CW DC crossover with a bang. While her episode served as a standalone, up until the end when Barry and Cisco appeared, it was packed with action and solved many of the season’s problems thus far.

**Beware of spoilers ahead**

The episode had it all action, romance and humor. It was nice to see Kara’s “Earth Mom” (as Mon-El had called her) again at Thanksgiving in Kara’s loft. It was funny to hear James, Mon-el and Alex try to say what they were thankful for before being rudely interrupted by the break in the time space continuum (cough…cough…Barry and Cisco).

Several issues were raised, beginning with the most crucial involving Cyborg Superman aka the real Hank Henshaw. The previous episode ended with him in the fortress of solitude asking about Project Medusa and now National City is experiencing its effects. (I thought that the issue would be referenced and then brought up weeks later, so I was pleasantly surprised it was being addressed now.) We learned Project Medusa involved a virus targeting all other aliens, except Kryptonians because they were the ones who engineered it-specifically Kara’s dad. Caught in the cross fires after an attack on the bar, Mon-El becomes infected and put into quarantine. At first everything seems fine and then BAM he passes out. (Ironically Chris Wood, who plays Mon-El, was on the short-lived CW show Containment that involved a deathly virus.)

It was very interesting to see Kara and Mon-El’s relationship grow this episode. After last week’s episode it was revealed that Mon-El might have deeper feelings for Kara when he asked James and Winn about the mating rituals on Earth. (Perfect guys to be asking about Kara’s love life.) Kara clearly cares for him as a friend, but after Eliza said he like likes her, she started looking at him differently. I can’t believe she called him out on it during their game of monopoly. While Mon-El denied having feelings for her, their kiss when he was on the brink of death told a different story. Wow! The question is now that he’s healed does he remember it or does he actually have no idea what happened. (He’s got to suspect something’s up because why would she mention he drooled. Come on Kara!) One thing’s for certain, Kara definitely feels something more for him now.

Other resolved issues this episode included J’onn getting cured from becoming a White Martian (seems too good to be true), Alex coming out to her mom and getting the girl all in the same day, and finding out Lena Luthor is actually good (or at least for now…) Several questions were posed at the end, such as where did the real Hank Henshaw go? Why are those people in the spaceship looking for Mon-El? Could it have something to do with what he started to tell Kara in the cell at Cadmus? We’ll have to keep pondering these questions because it is now the Flash’s turn. I was super excited to see Barry return to Kara’s Earth and was bummed Cisco couldn’t meet Winn. The two would be instant BFFs, I’m sure of it! Can’t wait for part 2 of the crossover, but for now I’m giving this episode an A. Supergirl keeps getting better and better. I’m upset it will be going on a break for the holidays.