Is This Rogue One\’s \’Holy Grail\’ of VFX?



ILM legend and creator of the Rogue One spinoff John Knoll has said that there is a “Holy Grail” of visual effects in the movie that they can’t talk about. Could Lucasfilm have just teased it?

To celebrate tickets going on sale, they released a new TV spot. If you didn’t blink during the spot, you’ll see what appears to be the back of Grand Moff Tarkin’s head looking at the dish being installed into the Death Star. For a movie set just minutes before A New Hope it’d be strange for it to not feature the commander of the battle station and with Peter Cushing long dead he’d have to be created in CGI. The Tarkin cameo in Revenge of the Sith was done via makeup and Farscape star Wayne Pygram playing the character.

There’s another possibility of what the “Holy Grail” is, and that is young Leia. There have been whispers and rumors that Digital Domain worked on a fully CGI version of young Carrie Fisher, and a legal filing THR found says this:

“DD3/Digital Domain already has captured data of an Academy Award-winning actress for a $120 million motion picture. The movie release date is December 2016. Although the capture is complete, the data from this project has not been processed and must be. In addition, DD3/Digital Domain also has captured another well-known actress for a character that is integral to the story of a sequel of a well-known science fiction film.”

The “Academy Award Winning Actress” is likely Jennifer Lawrence for Passengers, which is a $120 million movie opening in December. The second part, about a well-known actress in a sci-fi sequel could very well be Carrie Fisher in Rogue One.

After all, what would be a better way to end Rogue One than with Bail Organa giving the Death Star plans to his adopted daughter who boards the Tantive IV to begin A New Hope?

Here’s the new TV Spot: