That \’Leaked\’ Luke Skywalker Dialog is Another Hoax



This week another completely bogus Star Wars Episode VIII story is being spread around the internet by some pretty big sites, but it’s yet another fake scoop from a notorious Star Wars hoaxer. This story claims to have “leaked” dialog from Luke Skywalker in Episode VIII. Despite the fact that the dialog reads like something a teenager would invent on the internet, it’s coming from someone who is known to create fan fiction as “scoops” for Episode VIII.

He’s named Mike Zeroh, and most Star Wars fans are well aware of the BS he tries to pull off. Back in February he was spreading around a bogus Episode VIII title (Tale of the Jedi Temple) that he claimed was leaked from Star Wars Celebration, which by now most people should know is completely false as the movie doesn’t yet have a title. It’s just “Episode VIII” for now and there was no title released at Celebration in July. Then in June he was pushing another bogus hoax about Luke dismantling a saber with his mind in front of Rey. That one was even picked up by a British tabloid.

Even worse, Mike Zeroh steals content from legitimate Star Wars sites and puts his stamp on it as if it’s his leak. A few months ago he ripped off leaked set footage from MakingStarWars and uploaded it to his YouTube channel with his logo plastered on the footage.

MakingStarWars posted this video on their website on July 5th of this year, and then five days later Mike Zeroh uploaded the same video to his YouTube channel and took credit for it:

So not only is he a hoaxer, he’s a content thief!

Most Star Wars sites and fans know to avoid Mike Zeroh, as he’s this generation’s Supershadow. He creates completely bogus headcanon to spew on his YouTube channel and for some reason a writer at the international site International Business Times has been conned into reporting on his hoaxes as if they are real. IBT writes up a piece on Zeroh’s latest hoax, and then it’s picked up on big sites like IGN who aren’t aware of who the guy is and he ends up getting a few million more views on his YouTube channel and some sweet Adsense coin.

This isn’t the first time one of Zeroh’s hoaxes has been, and with Episode VIII a year away, it won’t be the last. The only thing Star Wars fans can do is to look at the source of this big stories that are being spread around and be educated about where they really come from.