You May Be Able to Get Drunk in Star Wars Land


A new rumor has emerged about Disneyland’s upcoming Star Wars Experience, and it may feature a real cantina like in Mos Eisley complete with alcohol.

Disneyland insider David Koenig, who has a stellar track record with spilling in-progress secrets from the park, has a new piece up where he drops this bit of news about the Star Wars Experience in Anaheim:

“The new area will have an eatery similar to the cantina in Star Wars: A New Hope, which Team Disney Anaheim is considering making a real cantina, serving real alcohol.

The move would be a huge departure from the Ways of Walt, but a next logical step for current management. To preserve the family atmosphere, Walt was insistent that there be no booze served in Disneyland, apart from the libations served at private parties or from his VIP backroom bar at the Red Wagon Inn (which was basically superseded by Club 33).

His successors figured it was okay to bend that rule for the more adult-oriented EPCOT Center, and Anaheim tried to replicate that vibe with Disney California Adventure—with great success. “Alcohol sales have been a VERY big moneymaker for the resort,” one insider shared with me. “It’s one of the reasons DCA is so popular.”

Those who’ve been to DCA know that the alcohol often doesn’t stay around the beer area or the Cove Bar, and it usually makes it into the hands of teenagers who puke all over the Mad T Party. Koenig says there’s a solution in mind to prevent this from happening at Disneyland:

One proposed solution is to treat Star Wars Land as a separate park-within-the-park, and prohibit guests from carrying adult beverages outside the area and into Disneyland Proper. With the large sums of potential revenue on the line, my source expects the plan to be approved, and for management to excuse it with the catchphrase that it’s meant to improve “The Guest Experience”—their increasingly common justification for any changes they’ve already decided on.”

As if the Star Wars Experience won’t be a crowd nightmare when it opens, now you’ll have to worry about someone getting wasted and then causing a Code-V on the Millennium Falcon ride while you’re on it.