Confirmed: No Opening Crawl For Rogue One


There has been a lot of debate if the Star Wars spin-offs will have an opening crawl or not, and Lucasfilm even fueled the uncertainty by not confirming if they will or not. With Rogue One out in just a couple of weeks, there’s now confirmation that the film does not feature the traditional opening crawl of Star Wars.

Entertainment Weekly has an interview with Michael Giacchino about his score for the movie, and when asked about the opening title theme he confirms the movie begins differently:

Can you describe the opening title theme? Do you use elements of his work there?
It’s done slightly differently here because it’s not one of the saga films, it’s not one of the trilogies. It’s sort of its own thing and the whole idea from the very beginning was these should be standalone movies. So it’s going to be a slightly different way to get things kicked off.

Early word coming out of Mexico where 20 minutes of the film were screened also seems to confirm this. With these movies being different than the Saga films, it makes sense to handle them differently although there will likely be people upset about this.