Rogue One is Tracking For a $130 Million-Plus Opening


Today news came out that it looks like Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is tracking at about $130 million for opening weekend. Of course, following The Force Awakens’ record-shattering and once-in-a-lifetime box office take last December, this is causing people to freak out and write very stupid things non the internet about how Rogue One is a failure.

I wrote back in September how no movie could ever match the hype levels The Force Awakens had:

  • It was the first Star Wars movie in a decade.
  • It was the direct sequel to 1983’s Return of the Jedi, something people were waiting thirty-two years for.
  • It was the first Star Wars movie released under the Disney ownership of Lucasfilm.

With $130 million on opening weekend (even though it will likely go higher), Rogue One will have the biggest opening weekend of any Star Wars movie except for The Force Awakens. It’s also higher than most solo Marvel outings.

Those are things to keep in mind as you begin to see endless “Rogue One’s failure” think pieces that people already wrote this past summer and had saved as drafts ready to go for this very moment.