Confirmed: Attilan in the MCU is Located on The Moon!


We now have confirmation of where the Inhuman city of Attilan is located in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The floating city has had a couple of different locations in the comic. Most famously it was located on the Moon, however it has also been in the Atlantic Ocean and in the Himalayas. For a long time there has been debate among comic fans as to where Attilan would be located in the MCU, and many believed the Himalayas due to how “grounded” in reality comic book movies and shows have been.

Now there’s confirmation that Attilan is on the Moon. THR has an article about how IMAX is paying for the first two episodes and filming them entirely in IMAX, although a future action sequence will also be filmed in the format:

“As part of the agreement, the first two episodes will be shot entirely with Imax cameras, with subsequent action scenes — some of which will be set on the moon — also filmed using the technology.”

Filming an action sequence set on the Moon in IMAX is confirmation that the location will play a big part in the upcoming series, and that then confirms the location of Attilan is the one comic fans expect.