Teen Wolf The Final Season Premieres


How could you remember someone you were forced to forget because they were wiped from existence? This is the question posed in the sixth and final season of MTV’s Teen Wolf, which premiered Tuesday night at 9.

**Warning spoilers ahead**

Scott McCall and co are finishing off their senior year in this final season, which feels like it’s been going on forever if you ask me. In the beginning of the episode the best friends, Scott and Stiles, are helping the police apprehend who they believe is a criminal, but is just transporting Helium. The flashback of Scott, in wolf form, on top of the guy’s car hood, brings back humor to the show that experienced a very dark plot line in both seasons 5A and 5B. Of course this is all too good to be true and a supernatural force is coming (otherwise there would be no show.)

This season’s big bad are the Ghost Riders, a group of supernatural horseback riding men, who erase people from existence. Once you see them you are going to be taken. Unfortunately one of the main characters is on that list…Stiles. Now everyone tuning in that night had probably watched the preview for this season and knew Stiles would be taken, but we were not aware how little time he had. (This plot device helped Dylan O’Brien film his other projects before he suffered an accident on the set of the 3rd Maze Runner movie.) There were subtle hints dropped throughout the episode, beginning with him not filling out his yearbook photo slip. While this might have been glossed over by viewers it became more obvious when another student was wearing his lacrosse jersey. And then the most painful one occurred, while walking in the hallway at school none of his friends recognized him. He goes to talk to his dad, the Sheriff, who asks his name. Oh the feels! Even Scott doesn’t know who he is talking to on the phone when Stiles calls and he just saw him moments before!

Thinking that it’s all over, Stiles runs outside and meets Lydia, who remembers him! He tells her to leave, but she won’t. They attempt to drive away, but he realizes there’s no point. They will take him no matter what. Then the moment Stiles and Lydia shippers (or Stydia shippers) have been waiting for since season 1 occurs. Right before Stiles gets taken he tells her, “Remember…remember that I love you.” Then he’s gone.

While Lydia chants to herself to remember in the Jeep, not even the banshee can remember Stiles the next morning at school. All she can say is she feels like she’s forgetting something. Ahhhh!!! I wish Tuesday could come sooner! How will they remember Stiles? How much of him will we see now that he’s been taken? We’ll just have to watch the rest of the season to see. The final season of Teen Wolf airs on MTV Tuesdays at 9.