Episode IX To Be Shot on 65mm Film


While Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is being filmed with the same 6K Alexa digital cameras the newer Marvel films are, Episode IX will be going old school.

The Playlist has a revelation from Kodak that Star Wars: Episode IX will be filmed on the large format 65mm film stock. This is also a change from The Force Awakens and Episode VIII, both of which were filmed on more traditional 35mm film. While some Star Wars fans may be disappointed that the Sequel Trilogy will continue to be produced on film instead of pushing the genre forward digitally as Lucas did, the 65mm format can deliver something very cool.

When a movie is filmed on 65mm it’s printed on 70mm for projection. That could mean that we may possibly get to see a 70mm release of Episode IX. Not only would that be a very cool way to finish the Sequel Trilogy, it also harkens back to the Original Trilogy where the ultimate way to see those movies theatrically were in the limited 70mm releases. The Force Awakens also had a very limited 70mm IMAX release last December.