J Scott Campbell Draws a New Riri Williams Variant


A couple of weeks ago, the internet was in full outrage revolt over a J Scott Campbell Iron Man #1 variant cover.

That issue is out today, and there is still a Campbell variant available through Midtown Comics although it’s of a suited up Riri Williams and not the mid-drift version that everyone was so offended by. Now Campbell has revealed a new version of the variant that he has drawn, and he reveal it on his Twitter:

Riri Redux pic.twitter.com/nKHvZ1G8uB

— J. Scott Campbell (@JScottCampbell) November 2, 2016


Time will tell if people will find something to be offended by with this cover. As is normal with how comics are produced, J Scott Campbell only did the pencils (or lines) on this cover. Someone else will ink it, and then yet another person will color it. So if someone gets offended by the color choice they use, don’t go screaming at J Scott Campbell on his Twitter.