Rogue One Ticket Sales – Current Status


The US is facing its Presidential Election tomorrow, but all Star Wars fans care about is when they can buy advance tickets for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

Today the internet is in panic mode because many believed a story that tickets would go on sale today, November 7th. We explained a couple of weeks ago how that date was simply an honest mis-reading of an announcement about ticket sales for a private screening near San Diego, CA. The City of Carlsbad actually began selling tickets to that screening to people on Saturday, and today is the day that people can buy tickets online directly from the city for their private screening on December 15th.

But when can the public buy tickets? Due to the US election tomorrow, and the madness that will follow, it’s doubtful we’ll see it happen this week.

Right now the betting is on two different dates.

Traditionally (The Force Awakens was an exception to this), Disney allows advanced sales roughly thirty days before release. Most recently Doctor Strange tickets went on sale about twenty-eight days before its release this past weekend. If Disney is following this rule that would mean tickets could go on sale next Wednesday (the 16th, after The Star Wars Show airs) or Thursday (the 17th).

However it’s very possible that Disney is going to do a big announcement for the ticket sales. If that’s the case, they are showing Rogue One footage on Thanksgiving night as part of the ABC Disney Christmas special. It’s possible that during that special they’ll announce ticket sales going on sale the next day, which is Black Friday in the US.

Either way, it’s pretty much definite that Rogue One tickets will go on sale within the next two-and-a-half weeks. We don’t have much longer to wait now.