Doctor Strange\’s Thursday Previews Top Thor: The Dark World & Ant Man



The latest Marvel movie is doing better than the previous Marvel November release and the last time they introduced a new character. After pulling in $133 million internationally, Doctor Strange moves into its domestic opening weekend with a very strong start from its Thursday night previews.

Marvel’s Sorcerer Supreme made $9.4 million from the early Thursday premieres. This tops Thor: The Dark World’s $7.1 million when it opened in November of 2013, and it’s more than Ant Man’s $6.4 million. It’s expected to make upwards of $75 million this weekend, although that could always go higher based on well word of mouth is and the great reviews of the movie that continue to come out.

In addition to making a lot of money internationally, the movie opens in China today and with it being such a 3D showcase it’s likely to do very well there. Marvel’s promise that Doctor Strange will return seems to be a definite based on how well received the character is by non-comic audiences.