BlizzCon 2016: Blizzard is Remaking Diablo in Diablo III


BlizzCon 2016 is underway and the company had a special announcement for Diablo to celebrate its 20th anniversary.

In an upcoming patch, the original Diablo will be recreated within Diablo III. This will include a 16-level cathedral and the four bosses from the original game. The remade Diablo will hit the test realm next week so people can check it out.

These sort of HD remakes of Blizzard games have long been rumored. Not long ago people were hired by the company to work on updates to some of their classic games, and it’s possible this Diablo remake is the first result from that team. Before BlizzCon began, a HD remake of the original StarCraft was rumor but it didn’t materialize.

Perhaps they’re planning something similar to that series where the StarCraft remake will exist within the StarCraft II game client.