A Starship Troopers Reboot? There\’s an Argument For One…


With so many unwanted remakes and reboots happening, one that was just revealed could actually be a good idea.

THR revealed today that Sony is planning to reboot Starship Troopers. As classic as many consider Paul Verhoeven’s 1997 version to be, it actually was very different from the source material. Verhoeven took the main character name, title, and bugs from the Robert A. Heinlein novel and basically made his own fascism and militarism satire that didn’t really resemble to original Starship Troopers.

The Sony reboot is said to go back to the Heinlein source material. What that means is we’re likely to see the troopers orbitally dropping into battle while wearing the power armor exoskeletons. That’s not something the 1997 movie featured as they put the troopers into battle wearing normal gear so they can be torn apart by the bugs in classic Verhoeven gore.

So to see a more accurate version of Starship Troopers would make this reboot one that I’m ok with. The Verhoeven movie, as great as it was, is just Starship Troopers in name only. The original novel deserves a more accurate adaptation. Hopefully this reboot will be that.