Star Wars Battlefront II Set for Fall 2017


Star Wars Battlefront
Everyone knows by now that EA is working on a new Battlefront game, but until now it was just a nebulous “2017” date. Thanks to EA’s investor’s call yesterday we have a better idea when to expect it.

Toward the end of the call, during the Q&A, EA’s CFO Blake Jorgensen was asked about Star Wars games in development. He mentioned the new Battlefront title and said it’ll be released about a year for now. That will place it in the Fall 2017 release window, just like the first game was last year.

The current rumor is that Battlefront II will move things into the Sequel Trilogy era with Resistance and First Order units and vehicles. It’ll also apparently have a single-player component being worked on by EA Motive in Canada while the multiplayer will again be done by DICE.

Expect to see Battlefront II announced at E3 next summer with a tease at Star Wars Celebration in April being a possibility.