A Rogue One Location References The Whills…


Next month an illustrated book of Star Wars Maps will be released, and as it comes out after Rogue One it will include maps of places such as Jedha. The illustrated maps give names and small details on the locations featured in the books, and on the Jedha map is something long-time Star Wars fans will recognize.

In Rogue One, Jedha is a pilgrimage planet for those who believe in The Force. There is a large temple on the planet, and the Star Wars Maps book names it “The Temple of the Whills”.

The Whills is something from the earliest drafts of Star Wars. The original novelization for A New Hope mentioned “The Journal of the Whills”, and that was made officially canon in the novelization of The Force Awakens that opened with a quotation from the Journal of the Whills. The identity of the Whills has remained a mystery for the forty-year history of Star Wars, but that doesn’t stop fans from wildly speculating about who they are. There are still some fans who subscribe to the theory that the Whills are Yoda’s race.

As this is just a label in an official Star Wars atlas, it’s unlikely something that will be named in the movie. If it is, that’d be really cool, but right now it just seems like it could be a cool Easter Egg for fans to find in a canon book release.

This is the cover for the Star Wars Maps book that releases next month: