More Information on EA\’s Future Star Wars Games



In addition to finally revealing that we’ll see Battlefront II release in the fall of 2017, the EA earning’s call lifted the veil on the future of Star Wars games. You really had to parse what they said to figure out where everything lines up, but we know have an idea of what the next three years looks like.

During the call, and as part of the Star Wars segment, they talked about Jade Raymond’s team working on a new action IP. They said this wouldn’t be next year, or the year after, which would likely place it as a fall 2019 release. There’s really no information about what this new action IP could be outside of some vague job postings in the past at an EA studio in Canada mentioning an open-world game. That could be tied to the Visceral game or this new Star Wars IP.

Speaking of the Visceral Star Wars game, that really wasn’t brought up. But with the information on Battlefront II and the new Star Wars action IP we can guess where it lands. Right now, this is what the next three years of EA Star Wars AAA console games looks like:

Fall 2017: Battlefront II
Fall 2018: Visceral’s Star Wars
Fall 2019: New Action IP

With Battlefront II set for next year, that is what will probably dominate both Star Wars Celebration and E3. However since we did get a small tease of the Visceral game at this past E3 it’s very possible EA will give a larger tease of it this year, especially if it’s going to be out in 2018.