Rogue One Ticket Sales May Not Begin This Week


With people having panic attacks over not yet having their Rogue One tickets in hand, fans are rabidly speculating when tickets would go on sale. Last week word came out that they could possibly be put on sale this week…although that’s now looking like it may not happen.

Last week employees of the Cineworld chain in the UK were informed to expect tickets to be on sale by this Friday, November 4th. However that’s now changed.

Employees at Cineworld were given a memo today saying that tickets will no longer be going on sale as they were previously informed. This is an issue as employees have been telling people that November 4th would be the date. The memo given to Cineworld employees does not say why the date has been changed.

With the US election falling next week, it’s very doubtful ticket sales will begin then. All eyes in the US will be focused on the election, and its aftermath, next week and that’s not the time to do any sort of marketing promo…even for Star Wars.

If this news from Cineworld is correct, then the best bet for Rogue One tickets would be in two weeks. That is the 30-day mark, which Disney traditionally allows advanced ticket sales on. Most recently Doctor Strange’s advanced sales began about 28 days before release. Chances are that will be how Rogue One will be handled.