Star Trek is Finally Getting an Aliens Comic Crossover


Aliens BD
Anyone who read comics in the 90s will remember the endless Aliens/Predator/Terminator/Robocop crossovers. Batman has fought the Aliens and Predator, and there’s been every imaginable combination. It became something of a joke by the time Robocop fought the Predator and Terminator.

In recent years IDW has been doing some Star Trek crossovers with big franchises. We saw Star Trek and Dr. Who mix it up, Kirk and crew met the Legion of Superheros, and then they met up with the Green Lantern Corps twice before encountering the Planet of the Apes. Now they’ll finally join the Dark Horse club next year.

This time it’ll be the TNG crew when IDW and Dark Horse release Star Trek: The Next Generation/Aliens: Acceptable Losses next year.

Not much is known about how many issues it will be, as it was just announced at a Comic Con in London, but the big crossover will begin in April. This probably means it’s only a matter of time before the TNG crew encounters the Predator before they have to fight Aliens and Predator at the same time.