Another Unneeded Reboot: Rambo


No. Just no.

The latest 80s movie franchise to see a reboot is Rambo.

THR is reporting that Rambo: New Blood will reboot the franchise without any involvement from Sly:

“Titled Rambo: New Blood, the new reboot would not see Stallone return as the action hero, like he did in Millennium’s 2008 outting, but would see a younger actor inhabit the role. The company is looking at Rambo as a character akin to James Bond.”

Stallone directed the 2008 Rambo (titled John Rambo in the director’s cut), and it was one of the best of the series. Definitely better than the campy Rambo III, and the .50 cal scene is a classic:

Rambo: New Blood will join other worthless reboots like the still unmade Highlander, the crappy Point Break, and the completely stupid Total Recall as reboots that will bomb in the box office because they’re remaking movies that are already great in the first place.

Source: THR