Michael Giacchino Talks About His Rogue One Score


Ask any fan and they’ll tell you there’s no one better to inherit the Star Wars musical legacy from John Williams than Michael Giacchino. He’s been scoring Disney movies for a long time, and his Star Trek scores are classic. And if you haven’t heard his Doctor Strange score run over to Spotify right now and listen to it; it’s great!

In THR, Giacchino discusses the daunting task of scoring a Star Wars movie:

“I didn’t want to go to work that day, but I had to because our schedule was so tight,” said Giacchino. “So I go and sit down and turn on the screen to work and all of these Stormtroopers are running around and I thought to myself, ‘All right this is not a bad birthday.’”

He’ll also be doing themes just like John Williams, and mentions Jyn’s:

Joining the Star Wars universe has given Giacchino quite the sandbox to play in, but there’s one character whose theme he’s most excited for fans to hear.

“I love the main character. I love Jyn and what they have done with her,” he said of Felicity Jones’ rebel.

Source: THR