Marvel Doing Their Own \’Rebirth\’ (For the X-Men)


Anyone who reads comics can tell you that DC’s Rebirth even has been a huge success, consistently out-selling Marvel every month. The secret to its success was a combination of great writers and artists telling stories that go to the core of what the characters are. While Marvel isn’t doing a line-wide rebirth to fix their sagging sales, they will be doing something similar with the X-Men next spring.

Following a big X-Men vs Inhumans event this holiday, the Resurrexion event will take place that will restore X-Men to be more recognizable to fans. It’ll consist of seven books:

X-Men Blue
X-Men Gold
Generation X
Jean Grey
Weapon X

Exact details on the books aren’t known yet, but the Blue and Gold teams will be familiar to fans who read the books in the epic 90s runs that made Jim Lee famous. The Resurrexion title for the event also is interesting, could we see Professor X or Wolverine returning to life? The early cover art for Weapon X features both Wolverine (as Weapon X) and X-23.

Hopefully this “Rebirth” of the X-Men line works for Marvel and fans. Then maybe we’ll see them do something similar for the rest of the Marvel books.