Indiana Jones Fans Become Hypocrites Over Lucas\’ Involvement in Indy 5


Today the co-writer of Crystal Skull said George Lucas wasn’t involved, so far, in Indiana Jones 5 and the internet went into full hypocrisy mode.

In an interview with Collider, the co-writer of the Indiana Jones movie everyone hates talks about writing Indy 5 and he says that George Lucas isn’t yet involved:

“He’s not, to my knowledge. I’ve had no contact with him.”

This one quote fired the internet off into being massive hypocrites over Indiana Jones. Look all over social media and you’ll see headlines and comments about how Indy 5 won’t suck because Lucas isn’t involved. These people conveniently forgot that Lucas co-wrote the three Indiana Jones movies they actually like:

Raiders of the Lost Ark: A movie many consider to be one of the best ever made. Guess what? George Lucas co-wrote it!

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom: The movie 50% of Indiana Jones fans consider to be the best sequel. Yup, Lucas co-wrote it as well!

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: The movie the other 50% of Indy fans consider the best sequel. OMG! George Lucas co-wrote it too!

So George Lucas co-wrote all four Indiana Jones movies and instead of looking at David Koepp as a possible reason as to why they didn’t like Crystal Skull (he had nothing to do with the three “good” Indy movies), people turn their ire on Lucas. It’s time for the internet to grow up.