Rogue One Runtime Revealed? Nope!



Over the last day or so a lot of sites are citing a discovery from Reddit that claims to be the final runtime for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. The problem is, there is no final runtime for Rogue One for one simple reason: the movie isn’t finished yet.

The source of the 133 minute runtime rumor comes from an Australian cinema site that put up a placeholder page for the movie, likely due to the imminent arrival of advanced ticket sales. Theater pages require something in the runtime field to publish the page, so this theater likely just guessed at what the runtime would be.

Rogue One doesn’t have a final runtime because the movie is still in post-production. The film isn’t “locked” just yet as Michael Giacchino has to record the final score. Once that’s done they’ll send the movie off to the MPAA for rating, and we’ll get a true final runtime.

Any reports of the runtime before the movie is officially complete are just guesswork.