Outrage Culture Doesn\’t Know How Comics Are Produced



This week’s rage of futility by people who don’t read comic books is surrounding a variant cover by popular comic artist J. Scott Campbell of the new Iron Man, Riri Williams. The variant cover was done for Midtown Comics, and isn’t one that you’ll find on every comic shelf, but that didn’t stop the internet from demanding Campbell’s head on a pike.

The first stage of outrage comes from Riri Williams being a 15-year old girl, and the fact that J. Scott Campbell drew the character exactly as he has drawn every character for the last TWENTY YEARS.

Don’t believe me? J. Scott Campbell got his start with Wildstorm Comics in the 90s. Back then the Image imprint was doing 90s superhero comics, and while he did some work on Wild C.A.T.S., Campbell gained fame with Gen 13. That comic was about a group of super-powered teenagers.

Here’s the Caitlin Fairchild, the main character of Gen 13:

caitlin-fairchildNOTE: When Gen 13 was originally released the characters were described as teenagers. Campbell now says they’re college aged.

You could almost excuse these people not knowing who J. Scott Campbell was because they don’t read comics, so they’re unfamiliar with him drawing teenagers like that for twenty years, but then the whole controversy went full retard.

People began to attack J. Scott Campbell over the coloring on the cover…showing an absolute lack of knowledge over how comic art is produced:


J. Scott Campbell is the penciler on the cover. He drew the lines. There are two additional artists involved.

Comic art is done by three artists:

  • The penciler draws the lines, in this case it’s J. Scott Campbell.
  • Then an inker finalizes those lines in ink.
  • Finally a colorist colors the finished piece. In 2016 this is done digitally, but 99.99999% of the time it’s not the main pencil artist who does it.

So the people blaming J. Scott Campbell for the skin color differences on the cover are feigning ignorance or flat out ignoring how art is produced in order to further their outrage crusade.

People on the internet were quick to mock this latest outburst of stupidity:

riri-williams-campbell-tweet-mockingJ. Scott Campbell is wisely laying low while this blows over. Next week some other comic studio will unveil another variant cover for people to get all outraged over and they’ll forget about this Midtown Comics one.