Kara\’s Love Life on Supergirl


Last night season 2 of Supergirl premiered on the CW and it left viewers with dozens of questions to be answered, such as who is the man in the spaceship? What is project Cadmus? How long will Superman be sticking around? Can we really trust Lena Luthor? It really makes you wish you could binge watch all 22 episodes right now.

The question we didn’t think we’d be asking ourselves was when will James and Kara get together? After last season’s finale it appeared the two were a done deal. Even the beginning of this episode looked promising until Kara told James she just wanted…..to be friends. Ouch! I did not see that coming. While she asked Clark how he was able to balance everything it did not hint that she was going to break James’ heart. It’s been said at comic con and several other interviews with the show’s EP Andrew Kreisberg that Kara will have difficulty finding herself as Kara this season versus last year when she was becoming Supergirl, but James seemed to be something she really wanted. Usually on these types of shows the two lead characters don’t get together till about the third season, but the way she dismissed him appears she doesn’t feel for him in that way.

If Kara is really over James does that mean she will be getting a new love interest? Perhaps now that she’s a journalist someone at work will catch her eye? Or maybe her unconscious new alien friend (or foe because you never know who you can trust)? Does she need a love interest at all? I guess we’ll just have to stick around and see.

Supergirl airs Mondays at 8 on the CW