Kevin Smith Addresses the DCEU Negativity


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Unless you’ve been living in a cave for the last year you’ve seen first hand all the negativity surrounding the DC film universe. At New York Comic Con this week they did a Comic Book Men panel, and Kevin Smith addressed the negativity around the DC movies during the Q&A. was there and transcribed his comments. First about Batman V Superman:

“They are never going to be Marvel movies… and as a long time fan of this shit I don’t care, you are either a DC guy or a Marvel guy and really DC isn’t ever going to do what Marvel does… but really, when I was a kid and wish they had all this shit… so for years we have wanted this and now we got it. So, maybe becareful what you f&cking wish for, I guess.”

“I’ve watched Batman versus Superman extended edition 25 times since I got it, my wife has said “You’ve watched this shit 25 times, you know what happens… f^cking Martha.” … and I just say, “I know, I’m just going to keep watching it until I love it.”

He also spoke to the people out there who like to trash superhero movies:

“As you sit around taking sh!t on things, the world is passing you by. There is no good reason to do it. You try to ascend in life and people try to drag you down. I guess misery loves company. There will be always people to sh!t on things. I just think about being that 10 year-old dreaming that people would make these films and now they are so be happy.”

Smith later followed up in a Tweet saying:

I'm an unabashed comics fan. I have nothing against fans with more discerning taste than me but I'm just glad all this shit exists nowadays.

— KevinSmith (@ThatKevinSmith) October 7, 2016