Four Ways to Fix The CW\’s Broken Arrow



Season Five of The CW’s Arrow kicked off this week and fans are once again disappointed by the show’s decline in quality and how unrecognizable the title character is from the source material. Things started to go bad towards the end of season three, and season four completely turned off most fans. While they deny it to be the case, it’s becoming obvious that the show-runners want to pander to the Tumblr “Olicity” crowd and began to mold the show into a romantic dramady about Oliver and Felicity instead of an actual “Green Arrow” show.

It’s not to late. They can fix this, and here are four ways to do it:

Kill Felicity


Felicity Smoak (as she exists in the show) isn’t how she appeared in the comics, where she was Firestorm’s step mother. They did introduce her TV show version in the comics during the New 52, but this is a character long-time Green Arrow fans despise. Instead of killing off Laurel Lance to eliminate the comic love interest for Oliver they should’ve vaporized Felicity and eliminated any chance of a resurrection. It’s still not too late.

Grow the Goatee


Amell has said it’ll never happen, but without the goatee Oliver Queen is just Bruce Wayne in a different costume. It’s part of Green Arrow’s look. If they kill Felicity that would cause Oliver to go into mourning and that could be a perfect explanation for the emergence of his famous facial hair.

Resurrect Black Canary


Yes, the Lazarus Pit isn’t an option right now. But Arrow does exist in the same universe as The Flash and Barry is playing lots of tricks with time right now. It’s always possible that something Barry does while traveling through time could retcon Laurel’s death and bring her back. I don’t know if the show-runners are aware of this or not, but Green Arrow and Black Canary are like Superman and Lois Lane or Spider-Man and Mary Jane. They have to be together and it doesn’t feel like Green Arrow if they aren’t.

Get Kevin Smith Involved


From 2001 to 2002 Kevin Smith penned a ten-issue run of Green Arrow titled “Quiver” and it’s gone down as one of the classic Arrow comic stories. Smith has been involved with The Flash by directing some episodes and if they really want to save Arrow and help its sagging ratings, bringing Kevin into the fold could definitely help. Fans would love to see him involved with a Green Arrow show and it’s a character he knows well. Some even suggested allowing him to run the show.