Wolverine 3 is Titled \’Logan\’ – First Poster!


James Mangold has released the first official poster for the third Wolverine movie, which releases March 3rd and is titled “Logan”.

Of course this makes everyone think it’s based on Old Man Logan, which is likely the case. Mangold also Tweeted an image of the script and it confirms it features an older Logan who has a diminished healing factor and uses booze to compensate for the chronic pain:

Page two of our screenplay. pic.twitter.com/5X93NtWuVS

— Mangold (@mang0ld) October 5, 2016


Of course Old Man Logan couldn’t use the inbred Hulks or Hawkeye from the comics but there are obvious replacements for them that can show up in the movie. Cyclops could easily take the Hawkeye role, if they’re going for a close adaptation to the fan-favorite comic storyline. With this poster release it’s likely we’ll be seeing a teaser trailer very soon.