Suicide Squad Extended Edition Confirmed!


New Suicide Squad Trailer

Most people know that there was a lot of Joker footage cut from the theatrical cut of Suicide Squad, and now we’ll get to see a lot of that footage.

Warner just officially confirmed the Extended Cut of Suicide Squad. The Digital HD release will be on November 15h with a Blu-Ray/4K release following on December 13th. They released a trailer for the extended cut via Twitter which you can see below.

The trailer features a lot of the Joker stuff that was cut, including the infamous date between him and Harley Quinn that would’ve caused a whole lot of controversy if it was left in the theatrical cut. No word yet if this extended cut will affect the rating like the BvS one did, however David Ayer’s comments on the subject in the past makes it sound like they shot the movie to be PG-13 from day one.